The Centralian Land Management Association (CLMA) is the pastoral industry's Landcare group in central Australia. It was formed in 1988 by a group of local pastoralists and has developed into the largest Landcare group (by area) in Australia, extending from Tennant Creek to south of the NT/SA border. Beef cattle is the primary enterprise in the region and the CLMA area represents about 300,000km (30 million ha) of land under pastoral lease. The average size of cattle stations in central Australia is 3000km (300,000ha). Most are family run properties in remote locations and about 80 properties occupy this area.

An erosion specialist in Central Australia is working to put soil in the spotlight, saying it is just as important as weed, fire and feral animal management.

 ABC Radio Report on Making the most of Rain- 11th September 2017

Video produced with input from the CLMA on erosion processes in the arid zone.

The power of raindrops

Latest News

We are pleased to announce the new 2018/19 CLMA committee line up:

Executive Committee

President: Liz Bird- Indiana Station,

Vice President South: VACANT- nominations welcome 

Vice President North: Sarah Cook- Aileron Station,

Secretary: Amber Driver- Elkedra Station, 

Treasurer: Laura Heaslip- Bond Springs Station,  

Public Officer: Sheri Fogarty- Palmer Valley Station. 

General Committee: 

Rod & Lance Cramer- Temple Bar Station, Colleen Costello- New Crown Station, Letty Cook- Suplejack Downs Station,